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RF-1230CA Double shaft Micro DC Motor | Double Shaft Motor 12V RRF-1230CA
  • Dimensions:Φ12×30mm
  • Nominal voltage:1.5mm
DC gear motor 3V - Micro gear motor 32MM Type RIC-32GB3220
  • Dimensions:Φ32×(37.2-45.3)
  • Nominal voltage:3-24V
12V 24V Electric DC Motor with Gearbox for ATM RIC-32GB2847
  • Dimensions:Φ32×(64.4-72.5)
  • Nominal voltage:6-24V
 32mm Central Shaft DC Geared Motor | Small DC Gearmotors RIC-32GB2833
  • Dimensions:Φ32×(50.7-58.8)
  • Nominal voltage:6-24V
RS-997PH DC Electric motor 12V | High torque Low rpm Motor RS-997PH
  • Dimensions:Φ52×85mm
  • Nominal voltage:12-24V
RS-555PH Hair Dryer motor RS-555PH
  • Dimensions:Φ38×57mm
  • Nominal voltage:6-24V
13mm miniature gear motor for Toys and Models RIC-13GB1619
  • Dimensions:Φ15.5×30
  • Nominal voltage:3-18V
37mm 12V 24V High Torque  Brushless Micro DC Geared Motor RIC-37GB3625
  • Dimensions:Φ37×(46.5-53.5)
  • Nominal voltage:6-24V
 37mm DC Gear Motor 12V 24V  for Packing Machine RIC-37GB3330
  • Dimensions:Φ37×(51-58)
  • Nominal voltage:12-24V
Small gear motor 3V 12V 20mm diameter 50 rpm RIC-20GB2032
  • Dimensions:Φ20×(48-52.5)
  • Nominal voltage:3-24V