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20mm Small DC Reduction Gear Motor 3V 12V RIC-20GB2025
  • Dimensions:Φ20×(41-45.5)
  • Nominal voltage:3-24V
RH-3151SD RH-3151SD
  • Dimensions:Φ31mm×51mm
  • Nominal voltage:12-24V
42mm High Torque planetary gear motor 12V 24V 48V RIC-42GP4267
  • Dimensions:Φ42×(98.5-133)
  • Nominal voltage:12-30V
36mm DC Planetary gear motor | Miniature planetary gear sets RIC-36GP3650
  • Dimensions:Φ36×(75-101)
  • Nominal voltage:12-24V
32mm DC planetary gear motor | planetary gear motor with encoder RIC-32GP2847
  • Dimensions:Φ32×(67.5-90.5)
  • Nominal voltage:6-24V
28mm planetary gear motor | Small planetary gear reducer RIC-28GP2847
  • Dimensions:Φ28×(68-93.5)
  • Nominal voltage:6-24V
22mm planetary gear motor | miniature planetary gearbox RIC-22GP2032
  • Dimensions:Φ22×(51-73)
  • Nominal voltage:6-24V
16mm Coreless motor with planetary gearbox | 16mm planetary gear motor RIC-16GP1625
  • Dimensions:Φ16×(38.7-53)
  • Nominal voltage:6-30V
10mm coin vibration motor for mobile phone RIC-F1020
  • Dimensions:Φ10×2mm
  • Nominal voltage:3V
RS-775PH Small Electric Motors RS-775PH
  • Dimensions:42mm
  • Nominal voltage:12-24V